Proxy settings


In the preselection you have various SIP- services to choose from. Click on the arrow pointing downwards and select your provider or your telephone system. Then click on the green tick to accept the selection.


Choose between “Yes” or “No” to enable or disable the set SIP account.

Proxy designation

The proxy designation is used to uniquely identify the SIP proxy. You can freely choose the designation. It is listed in the main settings window to make your selection easier.

Domain / Realm

Domain name / address of the SIP provider or the telephone system . The entry can be made as an IP - address ( or URL ( .

Proxy server

Enter the address or the IP of your SIP provider. This is received from your provider. The address often matches the address entered in the domain / realm. The entry can be made as IP - address ( or URL ( .

SIP port

SIP communication port (standard 5060) should your provider use a different port, please enter it here .

Reregister (seconds)

The interval in seconds in which the telephone updates the connection to the telephone system . If the telephone system specifies its own interval, this is automatically adopted . Standard (300)

Outbound proxy

STUN Alternative if communication via the normal address fails . Entry only if the SIP service provider enables or specifies this . The entry can be made as IP - address ( or URL ( .

Outbound proxy port

Is only used in combination with the outbound proxy. Alternative SIP communication port (standard 5060), should your provider use a different port, please enter it here.

Display name (display name)

The name that is displayed on the person you are talking to. In some cases the SIP provider specifies the name.

User name

The stored user name is entered here. Can be specified by the SIP provider or it is entered in the telephone system itself.


The password of your SIP account. is assigned by the provider or is created in the telephone system.

Auth (entication) user

Another possible user name that is used for extended authentication .

Anonymous (unknown)

If “No” is the standard selection, your own phone number will be transmitted. If “Yes”, your own phone number will be permanently suppressed.